Episode 54

Call Your OB!!

In this episode, Dr. Sterling discusses the concerns that weigh on us during pregnancy and the decision of when to call our Ob providers. If you've ever hesitated calling your Ob because you didn't want to be a bother - this episode is for you! It's time we let go of the mental load we burden ourselves with and learn a better way to manage our worries.

In her newest class she will teach a better way of researching your questions to reduce the mental load AND how to take your worries and turn them into a simple plan. Check it out at drsterlingclass.com.


My New Class! - drsterlingclass.com

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Host: Dr. Christine Sterling, Board Certified ObGyn & Founder of Sterling Parents Membership


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Christine Sterling

As an OB/GYN, I’ve helped hundreds of mothers bring babies into the world. Time and again, the mothers I’ve cared for expressed frustration and overwhelm at all of the conflicting information and advice.

Women don’t need more information to sift through, they need one trusted resource they can rely on for medical advice as well as strategies for having a calm and confident journey.

I started Sterling Parents so that overworked, stressed moms can relax. I want to provide the expert advice they are looking for SO they can stop digging for answers and get in touch with their own inner wisdom.

I want to lighten your load so you can thrive as the mom you are meant to be.